Juicing vs. Blending – Pulp in or Pulp Out?

JUICE YOUR VEGETABLES! Nobody is eating them even though Mom told us to!

One of the biggest discussions in juicing nowadays is whether you should use a juicer that blends (includes the pulp) or use a juicer that extracts the pulp (no pulp).  I am really simplifying this discussion because there are several different kinds of juicers that do different types of blending and/or extraction of the juice but these are the two main categories. I will address the complexities of various juicers and their functions in a separate post. The pulp itself as part of the juicing discussion also deserves it’s own explanation. I would like to separate fact from fiction as much as possible.

The Benefits of Pulp Extraction

  • You will get 100% absorption of nutrients and water into the body.
  • You will get easy digestion for your body – most people can easily handle digesting an extracted juice without feeling sick or needing the bathroom all day!
  • The nutrients come from the juice extracted from the pulp not the pulp itself. Pulp is fibrous.
  • You can take the pulp extracted and use it in other foods you make, compost it, or add it to pet food (but only if it’s fresh and eaten quickly, you wouldn’t want to leave it in your dog’s bowl for days).

The Negatives of Pulp Extraction

  • You will need to get fiber from the foods you are eating not the foods you are juicing. Most people seek out juicing for nutrients, not fiber.  If you want to extract and get the fiber from the pulp you can use it in other foods.

The Benefits of Blended Juice

  • You will get a ton of fiber mixed in through the pulp in your juice. If you want huge amounts of fiber than this could be a benefit you.
  • You will feel full.

The Negatives of Blended Juice

  • You may have trouble digesting too much fiber. You may experience gas, bloating and an overall heaviness. The body is supposed to chew and break down heavy amounts of fiber through enzymes that help the stomach absorb better. We eat food through chewing and so it goes through the enzyme salivary gland process to absorb into our stomach, then our stomach separates the pulp from the juice so the fiber can be pushed through the intestine. In blending the fiber directly we kind of skip this chewing absorption process. When we extract the pulp we don’t need to worry about that step being missed.
  • You may feel way too full and heavy and tired afterward because the body is on overload using blood to aid in this digestion process.
  • You may be using the bathroom, a lot.

For a great article from a Juice Master and Veteran please see Jay Kordich’s opinion on Blending and Juicing. http://blog.jaykordich.com/2011/07/17/juicing-blending-you-need-both/


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